Compostabase the True Facts about Compostable alternatives to Plastic

1. Compostable materials are on average 67% less carbon emissions than fossil fuel plastics (a good reason to use them for starters).

2. Compostable bio materials are a 1% by-product of bio fuel production (we use non GMO from flat plain sources) people are not starving because of this.

3. It can be recycled hundreds of times without the product degrading unlike plastics We can make other products that are 100% recycled from our materials. We can take all of our products back and recycle them, in fact we prefer that, compost is £40 a tonne our recycled material is worth £1000 per tonne.

4. It does not pollute the waste stream, if 10% of our product is mixed in with other recycled plastics it does not effect things, in fact that could statistically never happen anyway 478 million tonnes of petroleum plastics are produced every year approx, our material is not even a 1000th of that.

5. Our material will degrade in the sea, probably take about 3 years not 10,000 years like fossil fuel plastics and leave no residue. Every item we produce is marked so we can identify it. The chemical components are plant starch, they are harmless, We have eaten some of the cornstarch foam , We are still alive.

6. It seems that a lot of anti plastic advocates are spouting the the same rubbish as the plastic manufacturers, we find it really annoying.

We cannot change the world in a day, we cannot fix the waste streams in a day or the demand for fossil fuel plastics, but we can give you the option to reduce carbon emissions by 67% and avoid petroleum base plastics Today.

Compostabase 100% Biocompostable
Compostafoam Water soluble 100% Biocompostable
Printed with Compostable inks Compostabase.


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